life is easier with lasik

Since 1997, Indiana LASIK Centers have provided tens of thousands of patients with freedom from their glasses and contact lenses. Our many years of experience have made us one of the leading providers of the LASIK procedure in the Midwest. Indiana LASIK Centers’ surgeons and highly trained staff members understand that laser vision correction is life-changing, and our goal is to deliver an outcome which meets or exceeds your lifestyle expectations.

When you choose Indiana LASIK Centers, you can be confident knowing over 300 eye doctors refer their patients to us. They have seen the incredible results our patients have experienced with the LASIK procedure! We will work hand in hand with your eye doctor to ensure that you will have the best vision possible for years to come.

Indiana LASIK Centers’ staff members will take the time to explain what to anticipate on the day of your LASIK procedure and answer all of your questions. When you arrive for your LASIK procedure, we will make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. In fact, all of our surgery patients will receive a relaxing neck and shoulder massage by a licensed therapist prior to their procedure. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at the quickness and ease of the actual LASIK procedure.