The eyes play an important role in mobility, function, and enjoyment of life. For this reason, it is important to maintain good ocular health. The eye performs the sole task of capturing light. All different parts of the eye system then work together, connecting with neurons that transmit and translate messages directly into the brain as visual images.

Having good ocular health means that vision is at least 20/20 or better with or without correction, and the eyes are disease-free. There are simple corrective and preventive measures to maintain good vision and enjoy lifelong ocular health. Being actively involved in your eye health and working with your optometrist and ophthalmologist increases your chances for maintaining good eye health and eyesight.

Not wearing your prescribed eyeglasses or contacts will not cause disease of the eye, but it can cause discomfort by eyestrain, headaches, or possibly even injury brought on by the lack of safe vision. If wearing prescriptive lenses is uncomfortable, ask your doctor about alternatives, like exploring LASIK corrective surgery.

Making smart health choices should always be a part of your daily life. One of the greatest added benefits to that choice is that it can also have an impact on those around you. Here at ILC we promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging our patients to eat a healthy diet and participate in physical activity.

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