My name is Ashley, I am a mom and a graphic artist.
Before having LASIK, I had to wear glasses and my prescription was so high that I had thick lenses. It made them uncomfortable. They weren’t very appealing, I just didn’t enjoy them, and I didn’t look good in them.

I switched to wearing contacts when I started to play basketball more actively, I was starting Jr High. I switched over to contacts and that helped quite a bit, but I still had issues with contacts. I had LASIK surgery 5 years ago, since having it I haven’t noticed any changes in my eyesight, in fact it is just as good today as it was when I had LASIK 5 years ago.

My experience at Indiana LASIK Centers was wonderful, from the time I got there they walked me through what was going to happen they took me back and I had a shoulder massage, and then I was in the chair had my procedure, I was done and home and I could see perfectly.
I have two children and it is so much easier to play with then, go outside, do activities, and just take care of them without having to worry about glasses or contacts. I am so happy I joined the LASIK family.