LASIK is remarkably safe. Dr. Coleman and his team have a thorough pre-operative evaluation protocol, a rigorous planning process, and multiple levels of safety built-in during the laser procedure itself. It is impossible for almost 30 million procedures to have been done worldwide without a proven safety profile, and highly predictable results. The primary side effect you may experience after LASIK is temporary dry eye. Because the corneal nerves are disrupted when making the flap, it takes a few months for these to heal and function normally again. So, it is generally necessary for you to use lubricating eye drops for a few months afterward. Occasionally, this dryness may lead you to see more glare at night, or experience a little cloudy or foggy vision while working on the computer for an extended period each day. But there is nothing wrong with the LASIK, and these side effects usually resolve after a few weeks. If you have other questions about risks or side effects, we’ll cover each specific question with you during your consultation and informed consent process.