Charvarius Ward, Kansas City Cornerback

I’m Charvarius Ward and I am the starting cornerback on the 2020 World Championship football team in Kansas City. I got contact lenses during my senior year of high school when I first started playing football. They helped me out a little on the field, but not a lot because when the ball was in the air it was hard to see and I couldn’t really catch as many interceptions as I wanted to. Glasses and contacts were also inconvenient for me because the team is always traveling. I had to pack and unpack my contacts, solution, glasses, and sunglasses almost every week. In addition to the hassle of being on the go, so many other teams have outdoor arenas, which meant that my contacts were fighting against wind, rain and even snow. My eyes would also start to cross after looking at someone for a long period of time, which made me start feeling self-conscious and frustrated me a lot.

I chose Dr. Coleman because he is one of the best doctors in the world. I did my research and felt like he was the perfect fit for me. I traveled all the way from Kansas City to Indiana. Now since I’ve had LASIK, I feel like I can see the football better and I am more on top of my game. Being free from glasses and contacts has also made me more confident off the field to look into people’s eyes when I am speaking to them.

My visit at Indiana LASIK Centers was perfect. The doctors and staff were respectful and professional and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The procedure was so quick and easy, along with the recovery. It’s amazing how a few short minutes can completely change your life!